The Mastermind

Jaden Anthony, aka, Kid Brooklyn is a kid on a mission to change the world. Jaden was born on August 6th, 2005, to Joseph and Naima Anthony, is 12 years old and a native of Brooklyn, NY. From the beginning, the odds were stacked against Jaden. Having been born three months pre-mature and under 2 pounds, Jaden’s first three months of life were riddled with doubts. Doubts of whether he would have developmental problems, disabilities or whether he would even survive. Well, not only has Jaden survived, but he is thriving. By the age of 6 he was modeling for some of the biggest brands in the world and he currently attends Basis Independent School in Redhook, Brooklyn. A school known for its rigorous S.T.E.M. based curriculum.

However, what makes Jaden so special isn’t his good grades or good looks but his sensitive heart. When you ask Jaden what he wants to accomplish in life, his answer is simple yet powerful, “make the world a better place”. A vegetarian and self-proclaimed humanitarian, Jaden believes that you're never too young to have a voice and fight for what you believe in.


The Story

Kid Brooklyn depicts the adventures of our main character, Jaden Anthony, aka, Kid Brooklyn and his friends (Kasper, Edward, Halina and Wallace), who are chosen by an alien to become the defenders of Earth. After his home world is destroyed, he entrusts Kid Brooklyn, who happens to be from “Brooklyn, NY” with a rare “Sun Stone”. Sun Stones are the most powerful natural element in the universe. Powered by the sun, the Sun Stone gives Kid Brooklyn and his friends super powers. A Sun Stone can amplify your natural talents, making them supernatural. Once they except their destiny, they must use these newly found powers to stop the alien race from destroying Earth’s natural resources.

What makes Kid Brooklyn so unique is that the main characters are all real kids. Real kids from Brooklyn, NY, who believe if the world was more like Brooklyn, it would be a better place. Kasper, Edward, Halina and Jaden all share a common goal of wanting to change the world and have come together, using this graphic novel as a means to show the world the power that kids have when unite for a common purpose.

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The Mission

Kid Brooklyn is a graphic novel series on a mission to change the world. In addition to being action packed with adventure, Kid Brooklyn is a comic with a cause. Kid Brooklyn is focused on raising money for various environmental and educational focused charities, as well as educating readers on the various environmental issues facing the world today. It combines sci-fi, technology and fantasy with an educational aspect that informs, while it entertains.